Video Production in Manchester

Video Production in Manchester

High-Rise can help you tell your story visually, through our dedicated video department.

We work with some of the best lighting camera operators, editors and producers in Manchester and the North-West to create your bespoke video production. Because we only use freelance crew who also work on mainstream TV productions our finished videos are broadcast standard.

High-Rise are short form video specialists, working with you and our in-house social media team to create impactful social video content, that your audience will want to watch, share and engage with. Creating video content is easy, where we come in is making shareable video content which tells a story. We ensure your video content is shared on the most appropriate channels to reach your target audience - for example this could be Snapchat, YouTube or Facebook; or could be regional or national broadcast news.

Whatever you are looking for - a social video campaign or a more traditional corporate video, High-Rise can help. We co-ordinate every aspect of the production from concept to script and shoot - creating a bespoke video perfect for your needs.

Our experienced in-house producer will talk to you and assess the lighting and equipment requirements for your needs. This can include specialist equipment including Steadicam and Polecam minicam and crane systems where required.

We film in 4K and deliver the videos in 1080p HD as standard. This future proofs everything we shoot for you, as in the next three to four years 4K will take over from HD as the standard for film and video production. When time is of the essence we have access to 24 hour editing facilities who can edit footage overnight if required.

Our professional kit includes the latest 4K time lapse cameras – unlike many time lapse video production companies we do not offer only fixed point filming, but a full time lapse service where our camera crew can film from different angles at key points in the project to make for a more engaging and impactful end video.

For more information on our video services email or telephone 07973 405 139.

Video production that we have done for our clients:

High-Rise's in-house video team filmed vox pops of all the key speakers at the People's Powerhouse event, including Doncaster Council Chief Executive, Jo Miller and Fay Selvan, Chief Executive of the Big Life Group. These videos created engaging, shareable content for all channels that provided unique insights into what the speakers thought about the People's Powerhouse.

Watch the video below of Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester, speaking at the People’s Powerhouse event. For more videos from the event, see the People’s Powerhouse YouTube.

For more videos, see our Vimeo account

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