Public Relations and Media

Public Relations and Media


When it comes to PR and media support, our focus is on supporting your organisational goals. We do this by targeting the journalists, publications and opportunities that are most appropriate to help you reach your target audiences.

We have excellent local, regional and national press contacts. We combine this with access to a real time online media database ensuring our media contacts are always bang up to date. We can provide up to the minute details of the media coverage we have achieved for our clients through our sophisticated online media tracking system, and can also offer competitor media tracking to ensure that no opportunities are being missed.

We'll also look for news hooks that will make your story go further. For example, we worked with Laid Bare Theatre and their Value of Nothing production to tie in the play's themes with the stigmatisation of people on benefits in the UK. Read more about this production in our guest blog by author Kim Wiltshire.


As well as working with you to generate media coverage, we can manage your social media channels. Whether you're a social media novice or have plenty of experience under your belt, we can give you advice on your social media channels or manage them for you completely, tracking engagement and ensuring you know who your most influential followers and supporters are.

Read our blog to find out how we got the the People’s Powerhouse conference trending nationally in the UK.


Take a look at our media training page to see how High-Rise can provide you with the skills and confidence to represent your organisation in the media.

Interested in our PR & media support? We'd much rather have a conversation with you than receive a form so why not pick up the phone? Speak to Director Helen Furnivall on 07921 021326, or get in touch via email to find out how High-Rise can help.

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