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Construction PR and Comms Support

Construction Public Relations and Communications Support

At High-Rise we work with construction clients including builders, developers and suppliers including international fire protection company Firetech UK.

Whether your audience is B2B or you need to engage with the local community on a new project we can help and will tailor our support to best suit your business objectives and strategic goals.

What makes us different is that we're known for our communications work around good growth – importantly we can help you tell your company story in a way that's about people and place regeneration and not just about bricks and mortar.

We have particular expertise in public engagement and liaison – and unlike many agencies will ensure people and community considerations are factored in the start of any plans, rather than tagged on at the end.

Because we’re also reputation management and crisis communications experts we can work effectively through even the most intense periods of media scrutiny. We can also help with media training for your staff team.


Our journalist contacts in Manchester, the North West and nationally are second to none. We combine this with access to a real time online media database ensuring our contacts are always bang up to date. We can provide up to the minute details of the media coverage we have achieved for our clients through our sophisticated online media tracking system, and can also offer competitor media tracking to ensure that no opportunities are being missed.


Interested in construction PR and communications support? We’d much rather have a conversation with you than receive a form so why not pick up the phone? Speak to Director Helen Furnivall on 07921 021326, or email us

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Speak to Director Helen Furnivall on 07921 021326
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