Charity Public Relations

Communications Support for Charities, CICs and Social Enterprises

Communications Support for Charities, CICs and Social Enterprises

As experts in social value communications we work with many charities, social enterprises and community networks.

Our Managing Director Helen Furnivall is a member of the core team working on the People's Powerhouse movement and prior to founding High-Rise Communications held senior strategy and communications roles at the British Red Cross. It means that unlike many marketing and PR agencies we understand and speak the language of the voluntary sector.

Our clients include Antz Group, Reach Volunteering, Transform Lives, Citizens Advice and the People’s Powerhouse.

Strategic support that increases your impact

We understand the challenges charities and social enterprises are facing - funding pressures, increased scrutiny of fundraising practices and the need to be able to evidence impact and value for money.

We understand that the last thing you need is to waste money on ineffective communications or work with no strategic outcome. By working with High-Rise you are dealing with sector experts who understand the wider context.

The difference we make

Our clients aim to make a difference to their community – and so do we. For example, unlike most Manchester PR agencies we make sure all our communications interns are paid a real living wage.


Interested in charity PR and communications support? We’d much rather have a conversation with you than receive a form so why not pick up the phone? Speak to Director Helen Furnivall on 07921 021326, or email us

Speak to Director Helen Furnivall on 07921 021326
Pay us a visit:

High-Rise Communications
Bonded Warehouse
18 Lower Byrom Street
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