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Prior to founding High-Rise Communications our Managing Director Helen Furnivall held senior strategy and communications roles at the British Red Cross. It means that unlike most public relations agencies we understand and speak the language of the voluntary sector. Our clients include Liverpool based Transform Lives, the Peoples Powerhouse movement for Northern England and Coventry Citizens Advice. From strategy development through to campaign planning and media support when under the media spotlight we can help.


We understand the challenges charities and social enterprises are facing as never before including funding pressures, increased scrutiny of fundraising practices and the need to be able to evidence impact and value for money.

We understand that charities can’t afford to waste money on ineffective communications. It is vital that precious charity funds are not needlessly wasted on communications tactics with no strategic outcome. That makes it vital to work with a specialist communications agency that understands and is networked into the charity sector.


Because High-Rise Communications works with lots of charities and social enterprises we're well versed in the language of community development, sustainability, growth and inclusion. We believe towns and cities thriving and everyone in the community benefitting should not be mutually exclusive. And we try to do our bit too – such as by ensuring all our communications interns are paid a real living wage.


Interested in charity PR and communications support? We’d much rather have a conversation with you than receive a form so why not pick up the phone? Speak to Director Helen Furnivall on 07921 021326, or email us

Speak to Director Helen Furnivall on 07921 021326
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