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With clients including Laid Bare Theatre, Hope Mill and 53two we are Manchester's leading PR agency for arts and entertainment. Our unique partnership with arts and entertainment specialist media buying agency KMS Media means we can offer better advertising rates than most and can be a one stop shop for all our clients' communications needs.


Our journalist contacts in Manchester, the North West and nationally are second to none. We combine this with access to a real time online media database ensuring our contacts are always bang up to date. We can provide up to the minute details of the media coverage we have achieved for our clients through our sophisticated online media tracking system, and can also offer competitor media tracking to ensure that no opportunities are being missed.


Unlike other PR agencies we look for wider media angles other than only targeting the arts and entertainment press, listings and reviewers (we do that too!). For our support to Laid Bare Theatre promoting the Value of Nothing we highlighted the play’s themes around the stigmatisation of young people on benefits and the political debate on universal credit securing over 20 items of media coverage including in the Big Issue North, Manchester Evening News, British Theatre Guide and local radio.


Interested in arts and entertainment PR and communications support? We’d much rather have a conversation with you than receive a form so why not pick up the phone? Speak to Director Helen Furnivall on 07921 021326, or email us

High Rise Communications were incredibly supportive of the marketing needs for both the tour of The Value of Nothing and the exposure of Laid Bare Theatre as a brand. They discussed marketing and press strategies with me in advance, but were also reactive to needs as they arose. They are also very helpful and friendly, great people to work with. The social media was especially outstanding, but also the traditional press coverage was excellent. Kim Wiltshire Laid Bare Theatre

Speak to Director Helen Furnivall on 07921 021326
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