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We're a brutally good public relations and reputation management agency. Made in Manchester.

We believe in providing excellent strategic communications support and advice. So when you first speak to us we won’t start by giving you a list of the communications services we provide. Instead, we’ll have a conversation with you – taking the time to listen, asking the right questions and getting to know your company – where you are now and where you want to be.

At High-Rise we will work with you to identify your target audiences, then recommend a tailored and strategic communications approach that will help you achieve your business goals, outlining clear milestones so you can see we are supporting your company in the way we said we would.

A brutally different communications approach

At High-Rise we know that the reason why many marketing and public relations campaigns fail is not because of a lack of creativity, or even a shortage of good ideas, but because of a lack of structured thinking.

All too often clients and agencies set off working together without clear agreement on what they are trying to achieve, what success will look like or even how it will be measured. Our approach is different. We like to think of it as communications function before communications fashion.

Business goals before PR tactics

Simply put: What are you trying to achieve over what time frame and how can working with High-Rise help you get there?

Of course we offer a full range of services - everything from campaign planning to out of hours media support in a crisis - but it's our rigorous approach to understanding and supporting your business goals that makes working with High-Rise so different.

the reason why many marketing and public relations campaigns fail is not because of a lack of creativity, or even a shortage of good ideas, but because of a lack of structured thinking... Helen Furnivall Director - High-Rise Communications
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At High-Rise we think communications function before communication fashion - business goals before PR tactics

We will provide strategic communications advice based on your company’s specific needs. Services we can offer as part of an integrated communications package of support include:

01.  Media Support & Training
Media Support & Training

At High-Rise we believe in being prepared.

- So even the toughest questions don't throw you, or make you say something you didn't intend.

- So you have three key messages and get the points you need to across in your interview.

- But also so you answer the question, rather than avoid it.

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Reputation Management & Crisis Communications

Saying the right thing in a crisis isn't hard. But it can seem a lot harder when journalists are beating down your door clamouring for an interview or when flak about your company starts going viral on social media.

Trust High-Rise to be your calm head in a crisis, giving you the advice and support you need when it's needed most. For more on our reputation management credentials click here.

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03.  Digital

We believe in demystifying digital. Simply put it's a way of reaching your target customer in the way and at the time that suits them best. It might mean capturing your audience's attention via a creative viral marketing campaign. It could also be ensuing the basic building blocks for your business are right – such as ensuring your website is enabled for mobile.

At High-Rise we'll cut out the jargon to explain how digital could form part of a tailored communications approach to help get your business where you want it to be.

04.  Social Media Support
Social Media Support

Whether you want social media advice to improve what you’re doing already, Twitter training for your executive team or simply to hand over all your social media channels to be managed by us, we can help.

At High-Rise we see social as an important component of an integrated communications strategy - not an end in itself. And we are rigorous about measuring social’s impact on business goals, not just counting followers or retweets.

Storytelling & Content

Writing content is easy. Writing content that people want to read and share is more difficult. We'll work with you to tell your story across every possible channel with imagination, creativity and flair. And we'll help your customers tell it for you.

Your company story is unique. It's what makes your brand different from your competitors so it's vital you tell your story in a way that resonates, using authentic language and imagery your target audiences will understand and relate to.

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Video Production

Video storytelling is finally coming of age as a vital part of any communications campaign. If done well short form video will make your content not only more interesting, but more shareable. Investing in social video – which could include offering your audience unique insights such as behind the scenes footage or video blog updates can really transform the impact of your brand.

We only work with camera operators who also work for the main TV channels, ensuring everything we produce for you is broadcast quality. Our partnership with an innovative online editing company means we can turn around your finished videos faster than most - even overnight if required.
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07.  Brand Building & Campaign Planning
Brand Building & Campaign Planning

A brand is more than a logo. It's what people say when you're not in the room - and could well be your most important asset. We'll work with you to develop and test your brand identity, ensuring it resonates with your target audiences and clearly conveys your company ethos - what you believe in and what makes you different.

We'll work with you to develop a consistent tone of voice across all channels. And to devise targeted campaigns that get you noticed in the right places, with the right people and for all the right reasons.

Change Management & Internal Communications

Badly managed internal or change communications can quickly become an external relations and brand problem. That's why we pay attention to our client's internal communications needs in a way most communications agencies don't.

Our senior team have worked with well known companies on restructures with a high degree of reputational risk if they go badly, ensuring employees are kept informed and engaged throughout the change process. It's part of what makes High-Rise different from other communications agencies.

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“Helen is one of very few communication professionals who you can trust to remain absolutely unflappable in a crisis. I can't recommend her skills highly enough.”
Simon Lewis, Head of Crisis Response
British Red Cross

Helen Furnivall MCIPR – Director
Helen Furnivall MCIPR – Director

Director Helen Furnivall has over 20 years senior strategic communications experience, including senior communications and strategy positions at the British Red Cross, including the roles of Head of Corporate Strategy Development and Head of UK Operations Communications.

Helen has particular expertise in health and social care and at the Red Cross was communications lead for the charity's partnership with the Co-op Group tackling loneliness and social isolation in UK communities.

Helen has substantial internal communications and change communications experience, and has advised senior executives on sensitive company restructures, including property closures and relocations.

A reputation management and crisis communications expert, she has substantial experience of leading a communications team during times of high scrutiny. She is well versed in warning and informing procedures, and working with agencies including the police, fire service and NHS during both planned exercise and unfolding emergency situations.

"Helen's calm approach and attention to detail make her a natural at crisis communications. At the Red Cross, Helen played a leading role in our team on emergency communications including running desktop exercises as well as responding to live situations."

Corinne Evans
Head of Communications, University of Bath and former Head of Media and External Relations at the British Red Cross

Helen is a clear sighted and analytical communicator. She brings a sense of humour and a can do attitude to the work.

Colin Brown, UK Director for Independent Living & Crisis Response British Red Cross

High-Rise Communications have been a great help to The Modernist Society. They have really helped us to increase our profile regionally and nationally, including for some very important projects which might have otherwise gone under the radar, like our Save UMIST campaign.

Jack Hale The Modernist Society


We are proud to partner with Manchester based media buying agency KMS Media to get the best possible advertising rates for your company and so we can provide truly integrated communications support for our clients.

“KMS Media are proud to partner with High-Rise as our Manchester public relations agency of choice because they share our dedication to providing their customers with the best possible customer service. For reputation management and crisis communication their experience is second to none.”
Karen Young, Director, KMS Media


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“Write the truest sentence that you know”. Ernest Hemingway

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